Model Number :  XF3U-1 and XSBU-1
Model Name :  Corsair
Model Type:  Fighter, Scout/Bomber








Two airplanes were built.  One for the Navy that became XSBU-1 in 1933.  Pratt & Whitney used the second airplane as a flying test bed.  The plane was the first to feature a cockpit canopy.  After extensive flight testing of the first aircraft, the Navy decided to convert it into a scout/bomber which required extensive strengthening.  Rather than modifying it, Vought built a second aircraft (XSBU-1) and transferred most of the equipment to it.  The original airframe was used as an engine test bed by Pratt & Whitney.


Only one airplane was built for the Navy and the  first flight was in 1936.  Rather than modify the XF3U-1, Vought decided to build a second airplane.  The equipment and engine from the XF3U-1 were used.  The airplane was delivered as one of the SBU-1’s ordered by the Navy.